1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior tv yellow

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1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior, tv yellow. Made in USA, serial number 70153.

This guitar has the important original stuff, with just enough changes to keep it somewhat player friendly. Once had different tuners installed, conversion bushings and recent Kluson style 3x3 tuners are mounted now (incl. touchup on damaged paint).

Once had a stop tailpiece installed, covered up by the 'custom made' plate now. Original short seam wraparound bridge (most likely replated) and long studs, replaced stud anchors (treble side insert has old repair from forward-lean). Has early 1960 pots and tone cap, but retains the original and great sounding P-90 pickup. Odd small white paint flare inside the control cavity. 

The finish is the original limed mahogany tv yellow color. There's an overspray on the back of the headstock, but we can't detect and break, just a small repaired dot. 

The guitar features a recent refret with a new nut and it plays like a dream with very low action, the neck profile is big yet incredibly comfortable. Comes with a hardshell case. Weighs a hair less than 3.3kg.