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1963 Eko 700/4/V pink spaghetti celluloid

1963 Eko 700/4/V pink spaghetti celluloid

Late 1963 Eko 700/4/V, rare pink spaghetti celluloid color. Made in Italy. This guitar is all original except for recent Gotoh tuners. The nut of the mini-jack is missing, but the jack itself is secured underneath the pickguard. The top shows some wear from a removed sticker. The neck does not allow for relief unless you use very heavy strings (it would have a back bow otherwise even with the truss rod loosened all the way), but the guitar is playable with medium action and currently mounts 11-50 flatwound strings. Low price, sold as-is. Weighs 3.5kg. 

449 CHF
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