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1971 Gibson ES-335TD cherry red

1971 Gibson ES-335TD cherry red

Ca. 1971* Gibson ES-335TD, cherry red. Made in USA, serial number 137832. This guitar has been extensively modified and now looks more like Eric Clapton's ES-335 than a 70s one with the added stop tailpiece. The tuners are new Gotohs, the pickups are Lindy Fralin Pure PAFs, the bridge is a Gibson ABR-1 replacement, electronics are either partially or fully replaced. Knobs are older 1960s style replacements. The guitar was also recently refretted. Great player with a cool vintage vibe! Comes with a deluxe padded softshell case. Weighs a hair over 3.6kg.

*We say ca. 1971 because the guitar could have been made anywhere between 1970 and 1974, but here is no difference in quality or construction in any of these years.

3199 CHF
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