1983 Gibson Les Paul Standard 59 Reissue Flametop cherry sunburst

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Ca. 1983 Gibson Les Paul Standard '59 Reissue, cherry sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 90088. This guitar is mostly original and it comes with the original brown Gibson hardshell case (repaired handle, the original is in the case) and all case candy, indicating this as a model LP59 sold in 1985. The pots date to early 1983.

It currently mounts CTS 500k pots (50s wiring) and vintage PIO tone caps and an aluminum tailpiece. The original pots and tailpiece are in the case. The pickups are period correct Tim Shaw PAFs (covers off and back on, non original four-conductor wire but wired standard). 

This is most likely from a special run made for the Japanese market (it was bought from the original owner in Japan a few year ago). The guitar has a great looking top and a nice and dark fretboard, plus it has the same small serial number font that was used for the Guitar Trader Les Pauls, make of that what you will.

The guitar sounds as good as it looks and the neck profile is chunky and round, very impressive. A recent professional refret makes it a great playing specimen as well.

The pickup rings were changed at least twice, leaving 3 small extra holes underneath the bridge position pickup ring. A small area around the bottom strap button was professionally repaired and touched up (caused by shipping damage). Weighs only 4.25kg.