1985 Hiwatt Lead 20

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1985 Hiwatt Lead 20. Made in USA (!), serial number 16918. This is one of the most unusual Hiwatt amps we've ever come across and many will be surprised to look at one that was made in the USA. Operating on 2x EL84 and 12ax7 tubes, has all new tubes. Has a new 30w speaker. Since there is hardly any information on these to be found anywhere, we have to comment on the sound: it simply sounds great. Imagine the best of a Hiwatt combined with a Vox AC15 and the master volume control of a vintage Marshall 2204. Runs on 105-110V. 

Please note that generally, we do NOT ship amplifiers, they are available for local pickup only! However this one is small enough, so please inquire if you're interested.