1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard 54 Reissue goldtop

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1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard '54 Reissue, goldtop. Made in USA, serial number 93045675. This guitar represents a bit of a mystery to us, it was clearly refinished (it's a nitro finish and it's a rather nice job, but you can tell it's a refinish when you zoom in on the top) and remodeled to be a '54 style model with P-90 and a wraparound bridge. The serial number has been reapplied with a 50s style font. It looks like the guitar originally had an ABR-1 / stop tail bridge combo. The electronics are newer CTS 500k pots with Sprague orange drop tone caps and 50s wiring. Has Tone Pros locking studs and a Tone Pros wraparound bridge for perfect intonation. The pickups are Tonerider P-90s and they sound fantastic in this guitar. Now for the real puzzling features of this guitar: it has a thin cutaway binding and a rather fat neck profile, which no regular production Gibson guitar from 1995 with that type of serial number should have. Most or all parts were changed and upgraded.

What we can tell you though is that this is a phenomenal guitar - it just feels right, it plays like butter and it sounds big. To top it off, it only weighs a hair above 3.8kg (!!!).