2000 Gibson L-5 CES Custom Shop Historic Collection lefty vintage sunburst

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2000 Gibson L-5 CES lefty, vintage sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 22690008. This guitar is mostly original, except for the strap buttons and the bridge pickup. It was replaced in 2015 with a Classic 57+ and the pickup position was slightly moved sideways to line up perfectly with the neck. This required a small portion of wood underneath to be removed and left some extra holes, all of which is underneath the pickup ring and of no structural concern whatsoever. The bridge pickup volume pot was also replaced. This appears to be the only left handed L-5 available in the world right now so don't sleep on it. Gibson didn't issue a COA in 2000, so this one never had one. The guitar is in good shape overall, very nice frets, only some lacquer checking and guitar hanger wear is visible. Comes with a black tolex TKL case. Weighs 3.55kg.