1933 Gibson L-1 sunburst

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Ca. 1933 Gibson L-1, sunburst. Made in USA. This guitar is all original except for the tuners and a likely refret. It has some repaired and cleated cracks (back, soundhole, top) and nice medium action with lots of meat on the bridge saddle if you want to lower it. Rare elevated fretboard variant with 14th fret neck joint and comfortable rounded V profile. The top is bellying up slightly - no need to worry, this is to be expected from this type of guitar. One brace seems to have been replaced, but the bridge plate seems to be original and in good shape. It was last sold as a '33 model, but the L-1 was made with these specs until ca. '36, please keep that in mind when considering purchasing it. Comes with a modern hardshell case. Weighs only 1.5kg (!!!).