1952 Fender Telecaster butterscotch blond

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1952 Fender Telecaster, butterscotch blond. Made in USA, serial number 0557. This guitar is 100% original and comes with the original thermometer hardshell case. The ground wire solder joint on the neck pickup is broken, as it doesn't interfere with the sound or playing, so we'll leave it to the future owner to decide what to do with it. The ashtray bridge cover looks correct, but doesn't have the typical solder joint drop on the inside, so we'll say this might be a later replacement. Tadeo signed and 4-10-52 signed neck and 3-21-52 body date. Probably the cleanest 1952 Tele for sale in the world right now. Weighs a hair below 3.5kg.


On consignment, sold as-is - payment by bank wire transfer and cash only.