1954 Fender Stratocaster hardtail sunburst

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1954 Fender Stratocaster, hardtail, sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 0918. This guitar is one of the first Strats ever made and has a body date of September '54. The body was oversprayed around the edges, the overspray was removed a long time ago. The neck was refretted, partially refinished and oversprayed on the headstock (the neck date is only partially legible). The pickups are original, but the electronics were replaced sometime in the 1970s and a treble bypass cap was added at a later time. The original pickup covers are very worn (most wear on the neck and middle cover, a piece of the bridge cover broke off and is missing), but are included with the guitar. Two height adjustable screws of the bridge were replaced. The pickguard is from an early 1980s Fender Fullerton era reissue guitar. The guitar mounts Montreux Time Machine knobs and switch tip, the originals were thrown away (!) by a previous owner. The guitar comes with a replica poodle case and only weighs 2.9kg (!!!).