1955 Fender Telecaster butterscotch blond

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1955 Fender Telecaster, butterscotch blond. Made in USA, serial number 7840. This guitar is mostly original, with the most obvious exception being the 'blackguard' treatment to a black pickguard and compensated brass saddles.

It also has the modern wiring (with an added ground wire) and unfortunately the bridge pickup was replaced and lost over the years. It now sports a grey bottom / flat pole-piece 1981 Fullerton Reissue pickup that was rewound slightly hotter. It looks perfect and delivers the sound as well. The wires of both pickups are reversed, so we assume that a previous replacement bridge pickup was out of phase, hence to need to invert them.

The nut might be a replacement. The tuners are later ca. 1980s Kluson single line.

The guitar still sports the original frets, they are quite low, but have almost no grooves and offer quite a pleasant playing experience in our opinion. The neck is dated January '55 and signed by Tadeo Gomez, the neck pocket is dated February '55. The neck profile is quite large and once you play it, you know why these are so loved.

'Smokey bar' blond would be a better description of the color, it has yellowed quite a bit and was not only exposed to sunlight but also heat over the years as evidenced by the wear on the finish. 

Comes with a recent no-logo black tolex Fender hardshell case. Weighs only 2.85kg (6.28lbs) !!!



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