1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom ebony

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1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom, ebony. Made in USA, serial number 513511. This guitar is mostly original except for the tuner screws, nut and bridge studs. The original pots and grey tiger tone caps were removed at one point and are now reinstalled (pickup and switch leads were extended). The guitar was just professionally refretted and plays wonderfully. The guitar had Nashville bridge studs at one point, which were also removed and the vintage correct correct ABR-1 studs and discs reinstalled. This was all professionally done and the guitar has perfect intonation now. In the process of all this, the pickup covers suffered a bit, one small piece of the neck pickup cover broke off (it's in the case now) and the bridge pickup cover broke and is now repaired.

There is a spot on the treble side of the back of the headstock with a hairline of lacquer missing - it doesn't look like it goes into the wood and it's in a highly unusual place so we think it's merely a scratch, under the blacklight it doesn't show any kind of repair, but the guitar is priced accordingly.

All in all this is a wonderfully restored player grade golden era Les Paul Custom!

Comes with the original black hardshell case with yellow interior. Weighs a hair above 3.95kg.