1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior sunburst

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1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior, sunburst. Made in USA. This guitar was once painted red and blue metallic and then refinished in sunburst again and then once more on the neck again after a well repaired headstock crack. The original Gibson logo on the headstock was preserved. The tuners, back plate, one knob, one strap button, compensated aluminum wraparound bridge and posts were all replaced over the years. It has a .015 tone cap so that was changed too. The pickguard is original and shows a lot wear. The original P-90 pickup measures 8k Ohm, the original IRC pots were made in the 18th week of '55. The original frets are in excellent shape and it's a great Junior overall, especially if you're looking for a player grade rock n roll machine. Comes with a 1990s Gibson brown tolex hardshell case. Weighs 3.3kg.