1956 Fender Stratocaster sunburst

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1956 Fender Stratocaster, sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 10001. This guitar has been through many changes, but has never been abused. It has been refinished at least once and probably a long time ago. It retains the XA 2-56 neck date. The neck has a nice full and round profile with just a hint of a v-shape. When it was refretted, the fretboard was planed to a modern 9.5" radius. According to the previous owner it was plek'd as well. The action is very low and the playability is outstanding.

The tuners and string tree are replacements. The serial number on this guitar is a period correct replica

(we don't know what the original number was, this serial number range is correct for a February '56 instrument however). The bridge assembly including the steel tremolo block and the Fender Pat. Pend bridge saddles are original (the bridge saddle height screws are replacements). The guitar mounts a 1980s Fender Reissue pickguard and more recent but nicely aged pickups covers and knobs. The input jack cup is original, but the jack it self, the switch (five-way), tone caps and pots are modern high quality replacements (vintage taper CTS, CRL, Switchcraft). It still has the original neck pickup, but the bridge pickup might be from a 1959 Strat or it was rewound decades ago. It mounts a very good sounding and good looking 1980s black bottom Fender American Vintage Reissue middle pickup. All in all it's an incredibly nice sounding combination.

Comes with a Fender tweed hardshell case. Gorgeous lightweight ash body, the guitar weighs only 3.3kg.