1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom James Rizzi Burst

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1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom, James Rizzi Burst. Made in USA. This guitar was purchased in 1969 by the current owner and he had it immediately refretted, before being commissioned in ca. May 1970 to the then unknown, but future Pop Artist James Rizzi for a custom design. He suggested the pattern and sketched it on to the instrument, after which aniline dyes were used to interpret the design and bring out the full assemblage of hues in the grain of the top and back. With a strong nod to our vintage guitar world, we might call this one of a kind color 'Rizzi Burst'. Fast forward to 1994, James was shown the guitar again and this is when he initialed it, commenting that the guitar had turned out nicely. 

Not much on the guitar is original other than the neck pickup, the tone caps and three pots. The bridge pickup however is also a real 1950s alnico staple pickup and the knobs are 1950s speed knobs off a Les Paul Goldtop. 

We believe that the value of this guitar lies in the connection to Rizzi as the value of his paintings exceed the value of a 1956 Les Paul Custom in any condition by far. 

Comes with the original, but professionally recovered hardshell case. Weighs 4.5kg.


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