1957 Binson Echorec T5E

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Ca. 1957 Binson Echorec T5E. This was custom made for a music shop in Switzerland, hence the French inscription. It's the first T5E variant without tone-knob, it's foot-switchable, too, but the unit pre-dates the label that was used on the side to indicate the foot switch input and output. It's 100% original save for the input and output jacks (which makes the unit actually usable in any setting). The original case still has the key attached to it. The unit is freshly serviced and works like a charm - and there is no need to tell you how great it sounds, it's truly magical. 

We will ship this internationally and pack it extra well (double boxed and extra wrapped), but it will be an as-is sale as these units are of very delicate nature. We'll happily showcase the Echorec via Skype or other means prior to purchase so that the future owner can rest assured that it is inded as described.