1960 Gibson ES-335TD natural blonde

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1960 Gibson ES-335TD, natural blonde. Made in USA, serial number A33441. This guitar is mostly original, but was played a lot in its lifetime so it has a few stories to tell.

Let's get this out of the way immediately: 

This guitar plays and sounds absolutely incredible. We almost started to cry when we first plugged it in, it's that good. 

The tuner buttons were replaced. The original PAF pickups are strong and read 8.6k ohm (neck) and 8.9k ohm (bridge) by the input jack. The covers have been off. One pickup height screw is not original. The edge of the stinger has been amateurishly touched up. Possible refret. 

One pickguard screw hole was slightly enlarged. The original pots date to the 32nd week of '59, but it appears that some rewiring has been done over the years.

This is one of the very rare 1960 ES-335s with the highly sought after 'thin' aka three-layer top!

The original 'custom made' plate and the original Bigsby tremolo are included. The lightweight stop tailpiece and the studs are vintage period correct parts. 

Very rare factory blonde and factory stinger model. Comes with the original brown tolex hardshell case. According to the current owner, this guitar was owned by both Alex Conti (during the Atlantis period) and Frank Diez. Weighs only 3.45kg.

On consignment, sold as-is - payment by bank wire transfer and cash only.