1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard cherry sunburst

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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard, cherry sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 09254. This guitar is as incredible as you'd expect. Here's what we found out about it:

It had Schaller tuners on at one point and the originals were reinstalled (the screw holes from the Schaller tuners were touched up as can be seen under the blacklight). The edges of the headstock were amateurishly touched up. We took the guitar to the hospital to do a real CT scan to prove that there's no headstock repair concealed. 

The guitar was professionally refretted and the binding was most likely replaced as the fret edge nibs are too tall. New nut. Has one newer or cut brass bridge post.

The guitar has the typical 1960 neck profile with a little bit of extra meat on it. The original PAF pickups have zebra bobbins and read 7.6k ohm (neck) and 7.9k ohm (bridge), measured at the input jack. 

The pickguard is from an earlier 1950s Goldtop Les Paul and was routed for humbuckers. The M69 neck pickup ring is correct, but the bridge pickup ring is the result of a surgical restoration. Our best guess is that the original ring broke and parts from were used to keep the guitar as original as possible. The inside feet and inside height screw rings were transplanted to a later 1970s M8 ring. Incredible stuff. 

Some of the pickup rings screws and one pickguard screw are not original. The toggle switch ring is not original. The pots date to the 8th week of 1960, but it appears that they were out of the guitar and put back in. 

The guitar blacklights just fine, but we're fairly certain it was oversprayed on the back of the body as well, as the red color is just ever so different from the sides.

This Burst has a nice subtle flame and is a fantastic instrument overall. 

Comes with the original brown tolex hardshell case and the original 'description' from the previous seller (big Burst guy) back when it was last sold in the 1990s - albeit not many of the issues were addressed in that letter... Weighs 3.95kg.



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