1962 Fender Showman 12 JBL 6G14 export blond oxblood

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Early 1962 Fender Showman 12" JBL 6G14, blond oxblood. Made in USA, serial number 00969. This amp is mostly original, has been fully serviced (bias pot added) and recapped and operates smoothly. The oxblood grill was most likely replaced as it's too clean. Comes with a replacement footswitch. Super rare original export model, all original transformers LA tube chart code. The previous owner couldn't remember whether the 12" JBL speaker is original to this particular amp or just period correct. The tone ring equipped amp sounds mind blowing, you need to hear it to believe it, wow.


We do not ship this amp unless previous arrangements are made and shipping will be expensive, personal pickup is highly recommended.