1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Standard cherry red

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1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Standard, cherry red. Made in USA, serial number 125806. This guitar is perfect the for the player who wants a great sounding guitar that is structurally solid. This one here has newer tuners, an added stop tailpiece (both the stop tailpiece and the bridge are from Faber), a refret, overspray on the back of the neck and an old professionally repaired heel crack. The neck pickup is the original patent number sticker PAF style (pre T-Top, with black and white connector leads), but the bridge pickup is a later patent number sticker with T-Top bobbins and slothead bottom plate screws (most likely 1973-1974 as the height screws are from that period as well, the pickup ring is also an M-8 and all the pickup ring screws have been replaced). The pickups sound fantastic and are a very good combination. The pickup covers have been off and back on and appear to be original or are at least very good replicas. Comes with the original black formfit hardshell case with yellow interior. Weighs 2.9kg.