1964 Fender Mustang red

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1964 Fender Mustang, red. Made in USA, serial number 112103. This guitar has different pickups and electronics and the tuners (albeit vintage correct) have been modified, it's safe to assume that a few screws were changed as well. The pickups are vintage 1990s Van Zandt Rock models and they work perfectly in this Mustang. The neck is dated October '64 and has an incredibly nicely figured rosewood fretboard with clay dots. It has an overspray preserving most of the original decal on the headstock. The pickguard has a 'green guard' back. The neck plate dates to very late 1965 / early 1966 so it's likely that the body and the neck plate belong together. Comes with a hardshell case. Weighs 3.55kg.