1964 Rickenbacker Model 1998 Rose Morris / 345 fireglo

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1964 Rickenbacker Model 1998 Rose Morris, fireglo finish. Serial number DC225. This is the first year issue of the Rose Morris export version (Model 1998) of the Rickenbacker 345 in 100% original condition, including the original hardshell case (some extra pickup height rubbers are in the case). The pots are dated to the first week of 1964 so we suspect that this is one of the very first ones made. The hardshell doesn't have a lid yet for compartiment inside like other, later '64 cases It's one of the rarest Ricks out there and widely known for being one Pete Townshend's favorite guitars in the mid 1960s. In fact there is not another '64 for sale in the world right now! The previous owner played this for 40 years straight and allegedly bought this off a buddy of Ian Anderson's in the last 1960s in London, any hints for what the BC initials stand for? Weighs 3.55kg.