1965 Fender Stratocaster fiesta red

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1965 Fender Stratocaster, fiesta red. Made in USA, serial number L77829. This guitar is mostly original, but has been refinished multiple times, while still in possession of the original owner, to which this guitar can be traced back! It was bought for the original when he was two years old at Music Servaas in the Hague, Netherlands. As he got older, the guitar was first stripped of its original sunburst finish, then refinished white and then in the current color, a fiesta red shade. The guitar is called 'Dave' as that was was the original owner's nickname and it was sprayed on the bass side horn of the body, then removed, leaving blank silver-ish undercoat, no covered up with a vintage 1970s Fender sticker. The neck was horribly finished and is now restored to a great feel, retained most of the original logo. It was just professionally refretted and is an outstanding player. The electronics are original, but two pots have been replaced over the years with vintage ones. The wiring was completely restored with period correct cloth wire. The pickups have the original windings and sound phenomenal. With a neck date of May '65, the must be on the of the very last guitars to have been factory fitted with the 'green' celluloid pickguard. The trem arm is a replacement as the original broke, a new hole was drilled in the original tremolo block. Comes with a reissue Fender brown tolex hardshell case. Weighs a hair over 3.4kg with the tremolo arm.