1965 Gibson ES-175D sunburst '64 specs

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1965 Gibson ES-175D, sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 264389. This guitar has almost all parts replaced except for the pickguard, tailpiece and the rubber grommet. It now features a ca. mid 1990s set of Gibson '57 Classic pickups, CTS 500k pots with vintage tone caps, double ring Kluson tuners. 

It's been played heavily and it shows, it's a very lively and resonant guitar. The original frets were recently dressed, they're quite low and might require replacement down the road, but they work fine unless you need jumbo frets. Has a factory stinger on the back of the headstock, no breaks there. A blacklight inspection reveals that the neck might have been reset at one point, which explains the perfect neck angle. The truss rod nut was shimmed and replaced as a previous owner chewed it up.

There you go, essentially you buy fantastic vintage wood with '64 specs (wide nut, gorgeous fretboard etc) for the price of a new one.

It comes with the original hardshell case and weighs only 2.9kg.