1966 Gibson Melody Maker SG pelham blue

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1966 Gibson Melody Maker SG, pelham blue. Made in USA, serial number 900051. This guitar has the original finish and backplate, maybe the pots as well, but everything else has been changed and upgraded. Quality steel bridge studs, wraparound bridge with pre-set intonation for an unwound G-string, new Kluson style tuners, a single coil Strat pickup in the neck and a humbucking pickup in the bridge position (the routing underneath the pickguard was crudely done, as evidenced by the amateur repair with putty or some sort of filler on the back of the guitar). There's also an extra hole if you ever feel the need to have a regular SG-style pickup switch. All in all in a great utility guitar that rocks! Comes with a vintage generic hardshell case. Weighs 2.55kg only.