1967 Rickenbacker 360 jetglo

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1967 Rickenbacker 360, jetglo. Made in USA, serial number GD2080. This guitar has had an interesting life and had us scratching our heads quite a bit. It has a trapeze tailpiece (no extra holes for an R-tailpiece are visible) and single line Kluson tuners, which would usually be seen on pre-1965 Rickenbackers. It has a later pickguard (leaving three extra holes), but the electronics appear to have been unaltered, with the original solder joints still intact (all pots dating to late 1966). As on many other 360s of the same era, this has a 365 N stamp inside the electronics cavity. The guitar most likely left the factory in a jetglo finish, but when a crack on the back of the body was repaired, it received either an overspray or a full refinish. The work is extremely professional and we wouldn't be surprised if this were a factory job (it even shows the typical finish waves around the pickup grommets). The input jack plate screws were also replaced.

If we still have your attention, now for the good: the original toaster pickups sound absolutely fantastic and the playability on this guitar is second to none! It comes with a vintage rectangular black tolex hardshell case with yellow plush interior. Weighs only 3.2kg!