1968 Gibson SG Standard cherry red

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1968 Gibson SG Standard, cherry red. Made in USA, serial number 517578. This guitar has a vintage 1960s Grover Pat. Pend tuners and a recent Gibson Nashville bridge installed, but is otherwise mostly original. The original Patent No. sticker humbucking pickups sound fantastic (bridge pickup sticker is missing, quite common that these fall off or it didn't have one to begin with - all solder joints original!). The finish on the back of the neck looks to have been either refinished along with a refret. The frets are like new and quite tall and the fret edge nibs are taller than most 60s examples as well, but it even has the correct celluloid tortoise shell dot markers on the side and the bleed over from the cherry red color. One strap button hole moved. No breaks or repairs! Comes with a vintage formfit hardshell case. Weighs a hair over 3.35kg.