1969 Fender Jazz Bass natural

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1969 Fender Jazz Bass, natural. Made in USA, serial number 253573. This bass has been to hell and back and it shows - the important parts are original to the bass, but this is definitely not one for the collector. It was refinished in a transparent nitro finish many decades ago. It looks like the bass had a recent refret and while doing so, the binding and possibly a few fretboard block inlay markers were also replaced. The pickups and electronics are original (pots date to '66 and '68, common for the late 60s and early 70s), but were rewired with cloth wire and the pickups professionally rewound - they sound wonderful. There are many extra screw holes, but no additional routing. The neck feels wonderfully worn in and the bass has both low action and amazing resonance. The pickguard is an Italian celluloid replacement and a few screws are also replaced. It once belonged to a John Osborne who wrote his name in the neck pocket.  Comes with the original Fender black tolex hardshell case. Weighs 4.2kg.