1969 Fender Precision Bass sunburst

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1969 Fender Precision Bass, sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 270227. This bass is all original except for the strap buttons and it comes with the original black tolex no tail logo Fender hardshell case. The transitional cloth wire / plastic mix and one black and one grey bobbin pickup and the sunburst pattern make this an early '69 model. The pots are dated to '66 and the neck has an unmistakable '69 date code. There is some modest wear and a few black touchups in the black color part of the body. The frets are in great shape and it plays effortlessly with comfortably low action. The sound is very rich, think 3D. The neck has four plugged extra holes with a few superficial cracks running from them, but it's structurally rock solid. Weighs only 3.8kg!