1969 Fender Stratocaster sunburst

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1969 Fender Stratocaster, sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 262013. This guitar is mostly original and spent its whole life with one owner here in Switzerland since it was bought in Zürich in 1970. The bridge saddles were replaced years ago, we installed good looking Fender Pat. Pend. saddles. The guitar was passed on to the other guitar player in his band a few years ago. He had the guitar refretted professionally, new nut too. Also some of the plastic wires were replaced and a five-way switch with tone control on the bridge pickup was installed. '66 Pot codes, May '69 neck code, pearloid back pickguard. The date code on the bridge pickup is hard to read and the hole where the plastic wire goes through was enlarged when they were replaced, but incidentally, it's one of the best sounding bridge pickups on a Strat we've ever heard! I.e. warm and fat, not shrill at all. The tremolo arm is a replacement. Great player at a great price! Comes with a later black tolex hardshell case. Weighs 3.5kg