1969 Fender Telecaster lake placid blue

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Late 1969, early 1970 Fender Telecaster, lake placid blue. Made in USA, serial number 279055. This guitar is all original, except for pro refret and a few solder joints (the previous owner had different pickups installed at one point, the originals are back in now). The serial number and overall specs date this guitar to 1969, but the bridge pickup is dated to 1970, so it left the Fender factory sometime in early 1970. Very rare custom color lake placid blue, it has yellowed into an incredibly nice ocean turquoise hue, the pictures don't really do it justice. Comes with a period correct black tolex Fender hardshell case (replaced handle) and a later chrome bridge cover. The pickup height adjustment springs were replaced (originals in case). Weighs 3.25kg.