1969 Gibson ES-345TD cherry red

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1969 Gibson ES-345TD, cherry red. Made in USA, serial number 810739.

This guitar had some work done over the years. It was converted to mono, the original Patent Number stickered pickups sound fantastic. Replacement parts include the tuners, truss rod cover and screws, one pickguard screw and the knobs. While the bridge may be original to this guitar, the saddles were replaced for sure. Impeccable pro refret. There are traces from improper sandpaper use on the top, someone must have worked on the finish, we just don't know why. 

One of the last to feature the one-piece mahogany neck, same as a 1965 through 1968 model. Comes with a later 1970s Gibson hardshell case. Weighs 3.95kg.