1969 Gibson SG Custom walnut

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1969 Gibson SG Custom, walnut. Made in USA, serial number 885875. This guitar is all original, except for a professional refret with a new nut, the tremolo arm screw and one pot. The replaced pot is a push-push variant to dial in the middle pickup in any setting. It looks like some of the screws and the bridge were 'cleaned' with an aggressive detergent. There's an old an repaired stress crack on the headstock between the tuners of the treble side. Also a small stress crack above the neck joint dowels (very common). The three patent number stickered pickups sound phenomenal and the guitar is a real winner overall. Mid '69 model with a three-piece neck, no volute and no 'Made in USA' stamp. Comes with the Swiss distributor hardshell case from the early 70s, it's most likely original to this guitar. Weighs 3.6kg.