1971 Fender Telecaster cherry red

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1971 Fender Telecaster, cherry red. Made in USA, serial number 344607. This guitar was once sold by a rather reputable shop as an original candy apple red Tele. Alas, it's not. It has an old and very worn refinish in a cherry red shade and the previous owner spent quite some effort and money to bring it back to original specs as many of the original parts were missing.

It now features vintage correct tuners (different ones were mounted over the years), knobs, bridge, pickguard, CTS vintage taper pots and 1970s pickups.

There is also a very well repaired route underneath the pickguard.

The neck has the rarer rosewood fretboard and a surprisingly massive and round profile, it was also refretted at one point.

In short: this one has quite a history and it's light, resonant and twangs like crazy.

Comes with the vintage correct tail logo black tolex Fender hardshell case. Weighs only 3.4kg!