1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Limited Edition 54 Reissue black

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1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom Limited Edition '54 Reissue, black. Serial number LE770118. 100% original, including the original rectangular hardshell case with purple lining. Has an older refret with frets in excellent shape. Pots date to mid 1972, making this one out of only 60 (!) shipped in that year. What are the odds to find another one? If you're not familiar with this fantastic reissue, it features a one-piece mahagony neck without volute, the correct headstock angle, an all mahagony body, an alnico V neck pickup and a clear bobbin P-90 in the bridge position. This guitar was gently used over the years and the previous owner removed a small patch of clear coat on the back of the headstock when trying to polish it up. It also has some drops of what looks like super glue around the neck/body joint as there is extensive lacquer cracking in that area and he probably tried to touch it up. Weighs 4.65kg.