1973 Fender Jazz Bass black

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1973 Fender Jazz Bass, black. Made in USA, serial number 374009. This bass is from being all original, but read the whole description, it's well worth it. The bridge, pickguard, pickguard screws, control plate, knobs and control plate screws are replacements. The electronics are high quality CTS pots and a Switchcraft input jack. All redone in cloth wiring. The pickups are ca. mid 1980s Fender Vintage Reissue, both rewound and they sound incredible, wow! The bass was professionally refretted and the action is remarkably low - the back of the neck has been stripped from its finish and slightly shaved, more of an early 60s than 70s profile. It is a fast player. The pickup and control cavities have all been deepened slightly and the bridge pickup cavity is wide enough to move the pickup to the 60s position if desired. It's covered up with black tape which may sound like an ugly idea, but it actually doesn't look that bad. The chrome pickup and bridge covers are 1970s vintage, but made in Japan, they're perfect fit though. There's some black paint in the neck pocket suggesting this was once oversprayed - the original finish was luckily preserved and it is what you so today. So there you have it, many issues with this one, but it's structurally perfect and a heck of a player. Weighs only 3.9kg.