1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom ebony

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1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom, ebony. Made in USA, serial number 899007. This guitar is mostly original, but has quite a history as you can see. It sports a professional refret, a recent Gibson ABR-1 bridge and a replacement aluminum tailpiece and studs. The pots and tone caps were replaced in 1984, most likely after the bottom of the body got wet. The pots are CTS 500k and along with the original Patent Sticker No. pickups, they make for an incredibly sweet sounding guitar. The finish shows a lot of wear, scratches etc., but the guitar never had a break or repair or similar. Comes with a recent hardshell case. Yes, the serial number points towards 1970 as the year of production, but this one features a few specs that are common for '73s. Weighs 4.6kg, yet it's greatly balanced and it feels much lighter.