1974 Fender Jazz Bass natural

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1974 Fender Jazz Bass, natural. Made in USA, serial number 608892. This bass has been heavily modified: the body was initially sunburst and the finish was stripped. The finish was removed from the back of the neck as well. There are two extra holes with screws in the E and A string tuners so that they can act as a string guide. There are also several extra screw holes on the headstock itself. The bridge has been replaced with a Bad Ass II and a brass plate underneath. The previous owner also installed a piezo pickup underneath the bridge so there's an extra hole there as well! There is also an extra switch on the control plate for the piezo. The pickups are luckily the originals, but they have been shielded. As you can see, this bass has very little collector's value - BUT it's a very good opportunity if you're looking to spend half of what this would cost if it was all original. The pickguard is original to the bass and represents the very rare last incarnation of the tortoise shell coloured pickguards before Fender switched to black. Comes with a vintage generic hardshell case. Weighs 4.3kg.