1974 Fender Stratocaster olympic white

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1974 Fender Stratocaster, olympic white. Made in USA, serial number 535903. This guitar started its life in 1974 and retains its neck, neck and bridge staggered pickups with original covers (middle pickup is replaced, the original needs a rewind and is stored in the case). Features two very late '74 pots and one later 70s pot, all not original to this guitar. We believe that the neck plate is a reproduction and the body was made a bit later, ca. 1979 as it features the 'notch' for the extra ground wire. The tremolo arm, knobs, pickguard, bridge saddles (original saddles included, but fairly rusty) and a few screws are also replacements. One string tree was removed. Freshly serviced, a fairly affordable to get a cool, worn 70s Strat. Comes with a later Fender plastic hardshell case with a broken handle. Weighs 4.2kg.