1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom Randy Rhoads alpine white

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1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom, alpine white. Made in USA, six-digit serial number illegible due to overspray. This rare guitar was modified to resemble Randy Rhoad's legendary 1974 Les Paul Custom, in about 1982. This means that the tuners, switch plate, switch tip (all electronics were also switched out in the same process, ESP 500k CTS pots), knobs, bridge and bridge pickup (looks like an early 1980s MIJ ESP or Greco Dry Z PAF style, the cover is original though) are not original to the guitar. The neck pickup is the original patent no. stickered T-Top. In order to preserve the colour and condition to look exactly like Randy's, it was oversprayed with a very glossy clear coat. We can't guarantee the finish underneath is all original, but can't find anything that indicates otherwise, except for a very good touchup of the upper screw holes left from the original waffleback tuners that were removed. The guitar features a three-piece mahogany neck, trans tenon, the thin cutaway binding and the shadows of the original six-digit serial number with the Made in USA stamp below, all pointing towards a Kalamazoo made guitar. The only thing that's puzzling us is a Nashville style fretboard binding, so we may be looking at a very transitional late '74 Custom even though the style of truss rod cover mounted is commonly found on earlier Customs. The frets were also replaced at on point. Long story short: this is a fantastic player's guitar, made the same year as Randy's, looking the same, sounding very, very good and costing a fraction of an all original specimen or the recent Custom Shop reissues. Comes with what we believe to be original black formfit hardshell case with velvet plus interior. Weighs 4.65kg.