1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe goldtop

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1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, goldtop. Made in USA, serial number 118637. This guitar was played a lot and such features quite a few changed parts, namely Schaller double ring tuners, later Gibson ABR-1 bridge & studs, vintage Fender strap buttons, Allparts aluminum tailpiece & pickguard. A few screws, the switch tip, output jack & plate and one tone cap were also replaced. Has extra holes from a removed Bigsby and one odd extra hole on the back of the headstock. Lots of wear everywhere and many scratches on the top. A good choice for a mahogany necked 70s Goldtop that did not have a headstock repair. The original patent number stickered mini-humbucker sound very fine and the guitar resonates a lot. It was at least once refretted and has a fresh fret level. Comes with a vintage hardshell case. Weighs 4.55kg and feels great.