1974/1979 Fender Stratocaster natural 16" fretboard

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1974/1979 Fender Stratocaster, natural. Made in USA, serial number 568632 / S961612. This guitar is a bit of an odd-ball and we'll try to describe it to our best knowledge. The neck, body, pickguard, bridge, neck plate, tuners and many screws are original Fender USA from the 1970s. The finish on both the body and the neck is original, but it appears that the neck has been refretted at one point and reshaped to a modern 16" radius. The fretboard was then refinished and it looks so perfect one could easily be fooled into believing it was like that from the factory. The neck plate bears a ca. 1974 serial number so we're guessing that the body, bridge and pickguard are from thereabouts, too. We have no idea who autographed the back of the guitar (if you recognize the signature, please let us know!), this can be buffed out if desired. The pickups seem to be two later Fender USA (neck and bridge position) and an un-stacked Di Marzio. It's an unusual but very good sounding combination. Weighs 4.3kg.