1976 Fender Stratocaster sunburst

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1976 Fender Stratocaster, sunburst. Made in USA, serial number 711091. This guitar is has had quite a life but it's a good one. It was fully oversprayed with a clearcoat, the body was repaired by the controls / input jack. The pickups, pickguard and pickup covers are original, the knobs and pots (CTS) were replaced. The tremolo arm is newer, as are the bridge saddles. It had different tuners at one point, the original are back on now. Has a few extra holes on the back. New nut and a professional fairly recent refret (the frets have only very little wear). The neck is surprisingly big on this one and it feels great. It has that Strat sound, despite the lively history, this one rules! Comes with a recent hardshell case. Weighs 4.3kg.