1976 Gibson Explorer alpine white

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1976 Gibson Explorer, alpine white. Serial number 967406. 100% original except for the bridge pickup and one strap button (one extra hole next to it). Only 67 (!) white Exlorers were shipped in 1976, making this an incredibly rare guitar. This guitar is slightly different than the regular 1976 Limited Edition Explorers so we suspect that Gibson shipped their pre-production examples made prior to 1976 in that year. The finish of the guitar has yellowed in many different shades, which appears to be a common phenomenon for mid 1970s alpine white finishes (shades from grey to yellow, see pictures). The neck on this one is not as big as on other '76 Explorers we've seen and the pickguard is even shaped slightly different (there are extra screw holes underneath the pickguard which in our opinion shows early stages of experimenation/production). Certainly a very interesting guitar! Comes with the original hardshell case, which incidentally is also not identical to other '76 cases. Weighs 3.6kg.