1978 Gibson SG Standard

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1978 Gibson SG Standard, natural stained finish. Made in USA at the Gibson Kalamazoo factory, serial number 71368138. This guitar is 100% original, except for the bridge pickup, which was replaced with a high-end boutique Gibson Dirty Fingers replica (the original tarback pickup is broken and included in the sale). It's a very nice sounding pickup, it has a lot of gain if needed but retains all the clarity and dynamics. The natural stain used to finish this guitar is quite rare and has nicely faded and gives the mahogany the same nice color like that of a late 1960s Les Paul. It appears that the back of the headstock was not prepped correctly for the finish when it was built - there are definitely no signs of a crack or repair so we don't have any explanation for it other than a factory mishap. Other than the fading, the guitar shows very little wear. Comes with a vintage generic hardshell case. Weighs 3.3kg.