1980s Fender Custom Telecaster 64 Reissue replica sunburst

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Ca. 1980s Fender Custom Telecaster '64 Reissue replica, sunburst. Made in Japan. The previous owner thought this to be an ESP made instrument, but as it was modified over the years, we can't tell - it might be a Fernandes or any other MIJ brand from the era or something completely different. This guitar features a nitro finish with some nice weather checking. The neck might have been refinished, but at the very least has a non original 'Fender Custom Esquire' decal. The pots are CTS and the pickups are older DiMarzios. Has a really nice set of old Kluson Double Line tuners (metal washer but no Pat. No.). The neck has a fairly large albeit not fat feel to it and the guitar is outstanding in sound and playability. Weighs 3.55kg.