1980s Mosrite The Ventures MKI 1965 Reissue white

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Ca. 1970s / 1980s Mosrite The Ventures MKI '65 Reissue, white. Made in Japan. This guitar is 100% original except for the pots. We couldn't find another one without serial number, slotted tuners, Moseley bridge, roller nut and no-logo knobs, so our best guess is that it dates from the late 1970s or anytime in the 1980s. It couldn't be much later than 1991 as it bear signatures from four original Ventures members (Bob Bogle, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee and Mel Taylor - note the misspelling on the taped name sign, Jerry instead of Gerry, this was added later on). Quite rare to find an older one in white and a true piece of history! Weighs 4.05kg.