1981 Gibson ES-335 Dot cherry red

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1981 Gibson ES-335 Dot, cherry red. Made in USA, serial number 81191022. This guitar is 100% original, with the exception of the pots and tone caps which have been upgraded to 500k ohm and paper in oil. It comes with the original Gibson hardshell case. Yes, it has Tim Shaw PAFs. What makes this guitar so special is that it's one of the very, very first Gibson ES-335 Dot guitars, in fact this has the Norlin era label in the f-hole and an experimental looking headstock, they only got it right a few weeks after this one here was made. Also, you can see on the back of the headstock how they still didn't have the cherry red color process figured out. A really cool piece of history, made in the old Kalamazoo factory. Weighs only 3.85kg.