1982 Epiphone Emperor antique sunburst

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1982 Epiphone Emperor, antique sunburst. Made in Japan, serial number 2101722. This guitar is 100% original (maybe replaced strap buttons) and comes with the original faux leather gig bag. Contrary to whats mostly written about these out there, this particular model did NOT have a solid top, making it much like a 17" bodied fancier ES-175. Very nice three-piece maple neck with ebony fretboard. The pickups on this guitar are 1980 dated Gibson Patent No. stamped and most likely very early Tim Shaw PAFs (white spacers visible). It would appear these were factory mounted and they sound as great as one can expect. The guitar is set up with D'Addario Chromes flats (12-54) and medium action, for super low action we would recommend some fret leveling in the upper register. Weighs 3.45kg.