1982 Gibson Les Paul Leo's 59 Reissue heritage cherry sunburst flametop

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1982 Gibson Les Paul Leo's 59 Reissue, heritage cherry sunburst flametop. Serial number L10265 / 83422001. This guitar is 100% original except for the bridge saddles and the bridge saddle retainer wire. The guitar shows quite a bit wear, some weather checking in the finish and a slight center seam separation. This is actually the first we've seen with Schaller made single ring Kluson style tuners with the Gibson logo on them diagonally. The tuner tips look as if they were initially double ring and then cut for Leo's like it was done for the Guitar Trader reissues. This is a cool way to get a real Kalamazoo made (!) Burst Les Paul without spending 6 figures. The side fretboard dot markers are the bigger ones, the neck/body angle is shallower, the headstock shape is beautiful, the original Tim Shaw Zebra PAF Reissue pickups give an original set of PAFs a good run for their money. The top has a beautiful vintage style carve and a very unique flame. The frets have been leveled and it looks like at least one fret was replaced or reseated. The tip of the fretboard at the 22nd fret on treble side has been reglued before it could come loose. Currently mounts a Faber aluminum tailpiece and an amber switch tip (originals in the original brown Gibson hardshell case). Weighs 4.55kg.